The End of Bluebird and Serve – A Shutdown

End of Bluebird and Serve

It looks like its’ the end of Bluebird and Serve folks. On the morning of January 8th 2016 American Express officially sent out a mass shutdown notice too many folks who has been using Serve and Bluebird for MS. I myself just received the letter about an hour ago. The following message was sent to my email. My account has been shut down because I have been using it for manufacturing spending.

End of Serve

Here are more posts/examples of the shutdown notice that many people got today.

Luckily I never actually bought Visa Gift Cards to use to load to Serve and Bluebird. Hence I’m fortunate to not having to find others ways of liquidating them. However, I realize that other people may have not been so lucky. Hence here’s a link from one of my other posts that will show you how you can liquidate your visa gifts if you have any remaining.

It was nice while it lasted. However it looks likes the end has come for Bluebird and Serve. I will truly miss Serve as it has helped me gained several hundred to several thousands dollars worth of rewards in a short amount of time. It will no doubt create a massive disturbance later in the day. I was pretty shocked when I saw this email myself. I’m sure there will be many others who will be in shock when they open their emails later today as well.



    • Phong Chau says:

      Yea it’s kind of annoying that NW Buxx increased their fees. However it still is a pretty good option if you do it for sign-up bonuses on new cards. This is probably going be my main MS option from now on. I like it because it’s one of the few options where you don’t have to have any human interactions.

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