My Plans For 2016

Hey guys. Welcome to another one of my blog posts. This isn’t really a typical post. In this post I will be going over some of my manufacture spending/blog plans that I have for 2016. 

Blog Plans

I have been inconsistent with writing a lot of my blog posts. My goal for 2016 is to write a consistent number of posts each week. For now I plan on writing at least 1 post per week

Here are some of the topics that I plan on writing about:

  • Credit Card Reviews– I plan on writing a short summary/review of the most popular credit cards out there. I have already posted several credit card reviews. You can find some of these credit card reviews here. Only about 100 more cards to go haha…
  • Manufacutured Spending Methods– I’ve previously written about opportunities to MS with Visa Buxx, Serve, Kiva, Ebay, and Redbird. This year I plan on writing a MS guide for things such as Bluebird, Paypal, bank accounts, and buying gift cards.
  • Investing– I haven’t made many blog posts about investing in stocks in 2015. I hope to change that in 2016. I plan on studying up on stocks a little more before I write some blog posts. I have also made a blog post about investing in Peer2Peer lending. I plan to make a series of posts on FolioFN and LendingClub (companies/websites that offer Peer2Peer lending).
  • Amazon/Ebay Guides– I plan on writing a series of posts on selling on Amazon and eBay. I’ve already made some Amazon and Ebay guides if you are interested.
  • Deals– Sometimes certain merchandise will go on sale. For example eBay will often have sellers that list gift cards to resell. I plan on writing some posts on these deals so that you guys can try to make profit off of these deals too!

My Own Manufactured Spending Plans

  • Credit Cards– I have opened about 8 credit cards this year. I plan on closing some of the ones that has a high fee since I’ve already earned the sign-up bonus on them. I also plan on applying for several more this year. I will try to be on the cautious side in canceling them because it’ll probably cause a decrease in my credit score. 
  • Points– I plan on using some of the points and rewards that I have earned thus far. I’ve managed to rack up several thousand dollars worth of rewards and they are just piling up. I plan on making some trips overseas after I graduate from college. 
  • Bank Accounts– I’ve recently discovered that you can make easy money from opening bank accounts. You can even earn points when using your credit cards to load certain accounts. They also offer sign-up bonuses just like credit cards. There are certain requirements, but they’re certainly doable. I’ve applied for about 4 bank accounts this year and I will be making a total of around $800 when everything is said and done. It probably took less than 5 hours to apply for these accounts and earn the rewards. It was well worth my time. I plan on applying for a few more this year (after I close some of the ones I already have). 


Essentially I plan on ramping up on everything listed here. I hope to get a lot more done in 2016. I’ve been really busy these past 4 years because of college. I plan on putting ramping up on some of the things mentioned here because I actually enjoy doing it more than study for classes. Hopefully some of these plans will come to fruition this year!

Thanks for reading! Please check back next week for a new post.

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