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I’ve written several posts over the course of the last few months. Some posts are slightly better and more advantageous to the avid MS reader. Often times some of these posts gets hidden away by new posts. I’m here today to point out some of the best FinancialBasis posts that you may want to bookmark. I will update this list as I write more posts. Some links may be taken out if they become irrelevant in the near future.

Manufacturing Spending

How To Manufacture Spending On eBay – Gyft, Portals, eBay Bucks – A short guide on how you can get around 10% “cashback” on purchases on eBay.

Advance Manufactured Spending Methods – A Summary – A summary of some of the best MS methods out there.

Making Money Using Visa Buxx! – A popular posts on FB that shows you how to make money using Nationwide Visa Buxx.

How To Manufacture Spending Using A Visa Buxx Card – This post is similar to the Making Money posts, it has some extra information as well.

The Ultimate Serve Guide: How To Easily Earn $360/yr! – A guide to MS using Serve.

Best Ways To Liquidate Visa Gift Cards! – A popular post explaining some of the best ways to get rid of your Visa Gift Cards.

Credit Cards

These are my own compilation of some of the sign-up bonuses for each respective category. A great guide for you to use if you are looking for cards to MS with.

Best Personal Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

Best Business Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

Best Hotel Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses

Best Credit Card To Manufacture Spending

Best Airline Credit Card Sign-Up Bonuses


Loyal3 Review: Fee-Free Stock Investing – A guide on how you can invest in stocks fee free.

Best Way To Invest In An IPO – Loyal3 – A guide on how normal investors like us can invest in an IPO too!


22 Ways For Teens & Young Adults To Make Money – A list of ways teens and young adults can make money through ways other than a job.

Making Money On Bank Account Bonuses – A short summary of what you can do to make hundreds of dollars by just putting some money into a bank account.

Best Manufactured Spending, Points, and Miles Websites! – A list of websites/blogs that I like to follow. You may want to check out some of their blog posts as well!

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