Credit Cards

Credit cards aren’t a bad thing if you are a financially responsible person. In fact, credit cards can help you if you manage to keep a good credit score. I originally begin using credit cards around a year ago to help me bring in extra cash flow for my online business I owned. It was great for me because I had more cash to spend buying inventory to sell. I went from making $200 a month to $650 a month just because I had a credit card. The icing on the cake was that my items were able to sell fast enough that I paid off my full balance every month. As a result, I currently have around a 730 credit score from the 3 main credit report agencies.

As of a few days ago I applied for 2 new credit cards. I spent around 10-15 hours researching which cards to get. After doing that research I applied to those two cards. I was ecstatic because I got accepted to both! One had a $2500 credit line and the other had $1200.  The $2500 credit card alone has basically the same credit line as my 3 other ones combined!

However, after applying for these credit cards, I begin thinking that it really took me a long time to research these cards. I had to go through multiple blogs, forums, and credit sites to learn about my chances of getting these cards, comparing best rewards, and how it will affect my credit score. I decided to create this blog here where I will gather all of my research to help you with your credit card endeavors. I know it was a pain for me to do the research. I created this blog so that it will be much easier for you when you decide to do your research!

Make your credit cards work for you! Not the other way around.