New Chase 5/24 Rule and Co-branded Cards

New Chase 5/24 Rule

A new rumor has been going around the net. According to DoC and an unnamed source, Chase will soon be applying their 5/24 rule to their co-branded cards as well (in April 2016?). This means that the rule will now be applied to hotel and airline cards that are co-branded under the Chase brand.

Note: The 5/24 rule was essentially a rule created by Chase saying that you will not be approved for a chase credit card if you have receive 5 new credit cards within the past 24 months. 

This rule was only previously applied to cards that were simply branded by Chase alone. This included cards such as the Chase Freedom, the Chase Sapphire Preferred, and the Chase Slate. Earlier this year, we were also told that the 5/24 would be applied to Chase business cards as well (in March 2016). Which meant cards such as the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Ink cash will also be harder to get.

I’m here today to notify you of this new change. At the same time I also realize that readers may be curious of which card they should get next (assuming that this rumor is true).  Hence I will be creating a list of some of the best cards you may want to get right now.

Chase-Branded Personal & Business Credit Cards

Chase Ink Plus– Earn 60k points after 5k spend. These points can redeemed for one cent a piece. However they are much more valuable if you decide to transfer them to one of their transfer partners. There is also an annual fee of $95. This means that the points are worth about $505 after you subtract the fee. This is a great card to get because it offers 5x points per select categories.

For more info: Chase Ink Plus Card Guide

Chase Sapphire Preferred– Earn 50k after 4k spend plus earn 5k for adding an authorized user. You can essentially earn 55k points from this card. The points essentially comes to be worth $550 since the annual fee is waived the for the first year (then $95 after). This is a valuable card to apply for since it’s already under the 5/24 rule. At the same time, you can later downgrade this card to the Chase Freedom which will earn you 5x in select categories. Points are worth 1 cent a piece if you don’t transfer them.

Chase Co-Branded Airline Cards

Chase Southwest– There are three chase southwest cards. Each card offers 50k points after 2k spend. Although the annual fee on each card will lightly vary. These are a great card to get if you like to fly with a partner. As Southwest Airlines will send you a companion pass once you earn 110k miles from the credit cards. This can easily be done as you will already earn 100k miles simply for getting the sign-up bonus.

For more info on the companion pass:  Southwest Companion Pass Guide

Chase United– There are two Chase United cards. One is a personal card that offers 30k after 1k spend + 5k for adding an authorized user. The business card offers 50k after 2k spend. These two cards are also great cards to get because United points are usually worth around 1.5 cents per point when you redeem them from airfare. That makes the value of the bonus to be $525 and $750 respectively.

Chase Co-Branded Hotel Cards

Here are some opinions from Reddit concerning which hotel card may be the best one to get.

Chase Hyatt– Earn 2 free nights for spending 1k + earn 5k points for adding an authorized user. The annual fee is $0 the first year, and $75 after. You also get a free night upon renewing you card after a year.

Chase Fairmont– Earn 2 free nights after 3k spend. The annual fee is $0 the first year, and $95 after.

Chase IHG– Earn 80k points after 1k spend. The annual fee is $0 the first year, and $49 after. You also get an annual free night, automatic 10% point rebate, and platinum elite status as a cardmeber. IHG points are valued at around .7 cent per point. Which means the bonus is worth around $560.


In conclusion, the two most important cards to get on here should be the Chase Ink Plus and the Chase Sapphire Preferred. The reason for this is because both of these cards earn Ultimate Rewards points. These points are much more valuable than points from the other cards because they can be transferred to a variety of other airlines and hotels. Please keep in mind that the Chase Sapphire Preferred is already under the 5/24 rule though. Other than that, the co-branded cards are entirely dependent on which airline and hotel that you like to use.

Note: Point valuations were obtained from here.

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