Best Credit Cards To Manufacture Spending

Best Credit Cards To Manufacture Spending

Most beginners in manufacture spending often ask this question when starting out. So which credit card should I use to manufacture spending with? Well, the first thing that should be noted is that any card with a good sign-up bonus will do. If you like traveling, pick a card that will give you lots of miles. However if you like straight cashback, pick some cards that will give you cashback. Pretty simple huh? Although, there are some cards that are better than others. Some of the cards I recommend here will be better than others. At the same time, some of these will simply be the most commonly used cards seen in manufacture spending. Below are some of the best credit cards separated by categories.

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Business Credit Cards

Chase Ink- This is probably one of the most popular manufacture spending card out The reason for this is because they offer up 5x the points for up to $50,000 of purchases at office stores. That amounts to a total of over 250,000 Ultimate Rewards points handed out by Chase.  That’s potentially worth $2,500 in cashback, or about $3,750 worth of airfare if you transfer it to one of Chase’s airline transfer partners! This card has no annual fee during the first year, afterwords it’s $95.

Spark Business- I’ve included this card on here for two reasons. First of all, this card is offering a whopping $500 cashback bonus when you (manufacture) spend $4,500 in three months. At the same time you also earn 2% cashback on each purchase you make. Here’s a post about using this card to manufacture spending on the Spark Business if you’re interested. This card has no annual fee during the first year, afterwords it’s $59.

Cashback Credit Cards

Discover It– Personally I think this is a great beginner card to get. There’s also a version for students as well. Great for if you’re in university and new to manufacture spending. I mention this card because it currently has something called a double cashback promotion. Essentially all of the cashback you earn is doubled after the 13th statements! That means the card’s 1% on each purchase becomes 2% and it’s 5% in select categories per quarter (up to $1,500 in purchases) become 10% cashback. Essentially if you max out each quarter, $75 becomes $150!  In this post, I give a general guide to the Discover It card as well as some tips on maximizing the 10% cashback bonus. No annual fee.

Chase Freedom– This card is similar to the Discover It in the sense that it also offers 5% cashback in select categories. Of course the 5% is simply only worth 5%. Although this card also earns Ultimate Rewards points just like the Chase Ink. These points are very valuable if used correctly. No annual fee.

Fidelity Amex– This card is a great card to use for everything in general because you get 2% cashback. You will earn straight cashback and there is no fee on this card. You can use it to load Serve in the way I indicated in my link and earn $240 in cashback per year. No annual fee.

Citi Double Cashback– This card also offers 2% cashback on all purchases. 1% when you buy something and the other 1% when you pay your bills. It’s a new concept in terms of cashback. People still use this card to manufacture spending because there are only three total cashback cards out there that offer straight 2% cashback. The Spark Cash, Fidelity Amex, and the Citi Double Cashback. No annual fee.

Wells Fargo Casback- I’ve included this card on here because it apparently is offering 5% cashback on gas, grocery, and drugstores for the first 6 months of the card. Chances are you can buy some gift cards to manufacture spending with using this credit card. No annual fee.

Travel Credit Cards

Barclay Arrival Plus- This card is a great card to to use if you enjoy traveling. This card earns 2.2x the mile per each dollar spent. Basically what you do is make a purchase that is travel related. Whether that be airlines, car rentals, hotels etc. Simply redeem your miles for a statement credit on the travel purchase to make use of them. This card has no annual fee during the first year, afterwords it’s $89.

Capital One Venture Rewards- This card is similar to the Barclay card. It offers 2x the miles/points when you redeem for travel. Note that you must redeem for a travel credit in order to get the 2x the miles/points otherwise it’ll only be half the value. For example 40,000 points redeemed for travel will get you a $400 credit. However, it will only be worth $200 if you redeem it for a cash option.

General Credit Cards

Chase Cards– I honestly recommend getting any Chase cards that give Ultimate Rewards (UR) points or United Miles in general. As they can be very valuable. Two of the other cards that earn UR points include the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Chase Cash Business card. There’s also a United MileagePlus Explorer card that is both a business and personal card. They earn 50k and 30k points respectively. These cards has no annual fee during the first year, afterwords it’s $95.

Citi Cards– There are three really good cards that come to mind when I think of Citi cards. First of all there is the Citi AAdvantage Personal and Business card. Both offering 50k miles each with no annual fee in the first year and then $95 the next year. I recommend getting the sign up bonuses for these and then simply canceling them. Then there’s also the citi thank you premier also offering the same thing as the other cards mentioned earlier.

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