Barclay Arrival Plus Credit Card Guide

Barclay Arrival Plus

Today I will be doing a quick review of the Barclay Arrival Plus credit card. This card is often known for the 2x points it earns on all purchases. 

Things to know

  • $0 first year, then $89 annual fee.
  • Earn 2x miles on all purchases
  • 40,000 bonus miles when you spend $3,000 in 3 months
  • Get an extra 5% miles back to use towards your next redemption every time you redeem. I.e. if you redeem 100 miles you’ll get an extra 5 miles back for your next redemption
  • Redemption of miles must be of 2,500 miles ($25) or more
  • The card offers a free monthly FICO score report

How the 2x miles works

The tricky thing about this card is that you only get the most value out of your miles when you redeem it for a travel statement credit. Let’s say that you end up getting the sign-up bonus of 40,000 miles. You’ll only get a $200 value from the 40,000 miles if you decide to redeem it for a cash option. On the other hand, if you redeem the miles for a travel statement, you’ll get a $400 value. So what counts as travel? It includes redeeming for the following: airline, cruises, hotels, car rentals, railway, etc.

How to redeem the miles

1.Go to manage rewards on your home screen/dashboard

Barclay Dashboard


2.Click start using my miles

Barclay Redeem


3.You’ll get four options for redeeming the miles. They include: travel credit, statement credit, gift cards, and merchandise

Barclay Redemption


How to apply for the Barclay Arrival Plus

Go here to apply for the credit card. 

Compared to other cards

This card can most often be compared to the Capital One Venture Rewards card. The Venture Rewards card also offers 2x the mile on all purchases as well. It also similarly offers 40,000 miles when spending $3,000 in 3 months as well. One difference is the annual fee which is $0 in the first year and then $59 after.

The Arrival Plus will edge the Venture Rewards if you consider only owning both cards for the first year. This is due to the extra 5% back on redemption. After the first year, the Arrival Plus can still edge out the Venture Rewards if you earn enough to make up the $30 difference in annual fees. Earning the sign-up bonus and redeeming it alone will get you a bonus of (5% of 40,000) 2,000 miles or a $20 value. Hence you really don’t even have to spend much for this card to beat out the Venture Rewards.


The Arrival Plus is definitely not a bad card to get. This is a great card to get for those who like to travel. Remember that you get the most out of this card when you redeem it for a travel credit. The miles will be worth half the amount if you decide to redeem it for a cash option.

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